AWS KMS usecase with Serverless Application Model (SAM): An end to end solution

The Basics AWS KMS is a Key Management Service that let you create Cryptographic keys that you can use to encrypt and decrypt data and also other keys. You can read more about it here. Important points about Keys Please note that the CMK generated can only be used to encrypt small amount of data like passwords, RSA key. You can use AWS KMS customer master keys (CMKs) to generate, encrypt, and decrypt data keys.

My Experiments with AWS Cloud - Cloud Resume Challenge

Few weeks ago I came across Cloud Resume Challenge on Reddit while searching something. I passed my Amazon Solution Architect certification on Jun 26, So I was looking for something to do next on AWS. Initially I was hesitant to take this challenge because it looked too easy to do. However, that was not the case, I realized only later when I progressed on the challenge. But what really caught my attention was to do Infrastructure as Code(IaC).